The Capital Assets & Infrastructure (CAI) division is our dedicated team that focuses on ensuring the building elements of our properties are healthy and sound, with the goal of strategically planning, developing, and preserving our homes into the future.

In 2021, our Capital Assets & Infrastructure (CAI) team managed numerous projects across our 50+ properties. To say we have been busy would be an understatement.

Providing Services to Our Managed Clients

Our managed clients also sought our knowledge and expertise in asset management. The CAI team met with some of our clients to review the current capital budgets and building condition assessment, consult on procurement strategies, and prepare 3- and 5-year capital plans. Director Rizwan Zaeem and his team are always on top of any government and sector fundings that are beneficial to housing providers. In 2021, we secured a $100,000 grant via the Canada Ontario Community Housing Initiative (COCHI) for one of our client’s townhouse properties in Burlington.

Graph: 2021 Capital Plan Projects