Request Maintenance

For Emergency Maintenance Request:
Call 905.527.0221 (toll-free 1.866.780.7275)

In case of fire, call 911 immediately.

Request Maintenance Form

You can submit a maintenance request in three ways:

Submit the form below
Email us at
Call us at 905.527.0221 (Toll-Free 1.866.780.7275)

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Do we have permission to enter your unit to fix the reported issue without giving 24 hours of notice? *
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Once we receive your request, one of our staff will contact you to verify and schedule work.

image of maintenance staff fixing an air conditioner
Our Service Standards

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding client service to our residents. We have developed these Client Service Standards to provide clear expectations for our response to your requests.

Emergency Requests

Fire, flood, life safety:

Immediate attention through answering service

Urgent Requests

4 Hour Response: Urgent request such as blocked toilet, lock-out, health and safety, will get a response within 4 hours.
24 Hour Repair:
We will fix urgent maintenance issues within 1 business day.

Priority Requests

2 Days Response: We will get a response and assessment within 2 business days.
7 Days Repair:
We will fix priority maintenance issues within 7 business days.

Low-Priority Requests

2 Days Response: Low priority request such as preventative maintenance and/or general requests requiring a contractor, will get a response and assessment within 2 business days.
20 Days Repair:
We will repair low-priority maintenance issues within 20 business days.

Pest-Control Requests

2 Days Response: Inspection will be arranged within 2 business days.
3 Days Inspection Results:
Results will be provided within 3 business days of inspection.
7 Days First Treatment:
Pest control treatment will be arranged within 7 business days.
10 Days Follow-Up:
We will follow-up with you on the results within 10 business days.