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September 2016

Email CC: Protocol


Here for all of us is a quick and easy refresher:  When is it appropriate to use “cc” in an email? When is it appropriate to reply to an email if you have been “cc’d”?

In email jargon, “cc” stands for “courtesy email” – a way to keep the people specifically involved in an issue up to date and on the same page. By cc’ing them, they will be considered informed but are not required to reply to the sender. It is the principal person – the “to” recipient – who is expected to reply and/or take some action.

So, to answer the first question: It is appropriate to “cc” somebody if they are specifically involved in an issue and need to be informed about it.

To answer the second question: If you have been “cc’d” on an email you are not required nor expected to reply to it.

If we all follow this protocol, everyone should see fewer messages in their in-box and no emails at cross-purposes. Much more efficient; much less daunting!

Thank you for your cooperation.

Andrew Jackson, Manager, Operations and Development


August 2016


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July 2016

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