Operational Policies

Enforcement Policies – Section A1

a-1_1 Enforcement of Policies

Form 1 Employee Acknowledgment

Eligibility Policies – Section B1

B1 3-New Lease Policy UNDER REVISION

B1.1-Confidentiality Policy RESCINDED


B1 4-Tenant Move In Procedures revised FINAL

Occupancy Policies – Section B2

APPENDIX C – Vacate Procedure Nov

APPENDIX D – Vacate Notice Nov

APPENDIX E – Move-In Checklist Nov

Move Out Inspection (Housekeeping) Assessment

Move-Out Rent-Up Process Timeline

APPENDIX A – Move-Out’Rent-Up Process NOv

APPENDIX B – Agreement to Vacate Nov

B2 9-Addition to Household Policy

B2 1-Guest Policy Nov 9

B2.2-Last Months Rent (LMR) B2.4 Internal Review Policy – Revised Jan 2010

B2 3 Internal Transfer Policy Nov 17 08

B2.5-Rent Receipts Policy

B2.6-Annual Income Verification Nov 9

B2.7 Overhoused Policy

B2.8-Pet Policy

B2.10 Parking Policy revised July 2010

B2.11 Parking Form Policy VP25 and VP26 only

B2.12 Move In Move Out Process Policy


Tenant Transfer Chart



Maintenance Policies – Section C1

Procurement Policy C1.1 REVISED on Jan 8 2015

C1 2- Request for Maintenance Policy- Revised

C1.5 Annual Inspections TO BE WRITTEN

C1.6 Contractor’s Performance Policy FINAL

Contract Complaint Form (Revised) –

C.6 Complaint Form Contractor Performance Policy – C.6 Letter

Procurement Policy C1.1 REVISED on Jan 8 2015

C1 2- Request for Maintenance Policy- Revised

Corporate Standards – Section D2


Appendix to First Aid Policy

D2 DRAFT Video Surveillance Policy

D2.10 WHMIS Policy revised

D2.11 Emergency Plan Policy Preamble Revised

D2.11 Return to Work Policy DRAFT

D2.12 Vacation and Sick Leave Following a Workplace Injury Policy

D2.18-Discovery of Lost At Risk Person’Child

D2.2-Fraud and Misappropriation Policy REVISED

D2.3 – SIGNING Authority revised Jan 29 2013

D2.3 – SIGNING Authority Revised on May 8 2012

D2.4 Investment Policy FINAL

D2.5 Filing Policy FINAL

D2.6 Tenant Insurance Policy

D2.7 Record Retention Policy FINAL

D2.8 Insurance Claim Policy

D2.9 First Aid Policy REVISED

New: E1.2 – Good Housekeeping at Work

New: E1.3 – Personal Protective Equpment

Emergency Plan Policy Preamble

Insurance Claim Policy D2.8

Terms of Reference JHSC

WHMIS Policy D2.10

Procurement Policy C1 1 FINAL FINAL VERSION


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