Current Tenants

Forms for Current Tenants

All forms are in PDF format and require Adobe Reader. get_adobe_reader

pdficon_large Market Application for Family Accommodation
For individuals who want to apply for a rental unit and their income is sufficient to pay the market rent

pdficon_large Consent Form: Market
For collection, use and disclosure of personal information.

pdficon_large Consent Form: RGI
For collection, use and disclosure of personal information.

pdficon_large Agreement to Vacate
For those wishing to vacate their unit.

pdficon_large Cancel Notice
For cancelling a notice to vacate.

pdficon_large Household Income and Assets Review
For notification of income and assets.

pdficon_large PAD Application Form
For allowing Victoria Park to debit your bank account for monthly rent payment.

pdficon_large Pet Registration
For registering a pet or pets that will be kept in your Victoria Park unit.
pdficon_large Rental Subsidy Application
For those wishing to apply for a subsidy
pdficon_large Request for Transfer/Relocation
For those wishing to relocate to a new Victoria Park property
pdficon_large Statement of Employment Earnings
For calculation of rent
pdficon_large Tenant Vehicle Information
For registering a vehicle that will be parked on the property
Rent Receipt Requisition Form – Fillable
Use this form to request a rent receipt

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